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66 ILOCANO SONGS.  Collected, edited and translated by Sigrid S. Rodolfo.  Quezon City:  Giraffe Books, 1998. 
164 p.  Includes Index of First Lines.
Softcover  $7.50  [2 CPS.]
Contains 66 popular Ilocano songs, including the lyrics and sheet music.  Soon to be out of print.

ANTUKIN, PHILIPPINE FOLK SONGS AND LULLABYES. Selected by Felicidad A. Prudente, PhD. Manila: Tahanan Books. 1998. 77 p. Index & Bibliography.
Softcover  $ 20.00  
A collection of 39 heirloom songs handed down through the ages.

Aquino, Francisca R. PHILIPPINE FOLK DANCES. Manila: Bureau of Public Schools. Reprinted 1996. Volumes 1 to 6.
110 p. per volume ; Illustrations, music & photographss.
Softcover  $85.00  
A comprehensive manual for teaching folk dances in the schools. Limited supply.

Bernal, Salvador, et al. PATTERNS FOR THE FILIPINA DRESS. Manila: Culural Center of the Philippines, 1992. 109p. Glossary. Bibliography.
Hardcover  $88.00 
A study of the terno in its early forms, it serves as a valuable reference and source book for designers in theater, dance, and film.

CORDILLERA ETHNIC DANCES: A MANUAL FOR TEACHERS. La Trinidad, Benguet: National Commission for Culture & the Arts, 1994. 146 p.
The first compilation of its kind to be documented and produced by people of the Cordillera.

KUNDIMAN AT IBA PA:  PIANO PIECES.  San Juan, Metro Manila:  Likhawit Enterprises, Inc., 1994.  150 p.
Softcover   $13.50   [1 CP.]
A compilation of Kundiman pieces, love songs and songs with positive values.

KUNDIMAN ATBP:  PIANO SELECTIONS.  San Juan, Metro Manila:  Likhawit Enterprises, Inc., 1994.  62 p. 
Softcover   $10.50  
[3 CPS.]
A smaller compilation.

MGA AWIT NI JOEY AYALA. by Jose L. Ayala. Pasig, Metro Manila: Anvil Publishing, 1993. 67 p.
This collection includes songs (with guitar chords), poems, notes and photographs. Bilingual: English and Filipino.

Nono, Grace with Mendung Sabal et al.  THE SHARED VOICE:  CHANTED AND SPOKEN NARRATIVES FROM THE PHILIPPINES.  Pasig City, Metro Manila: Anvil Publishing and Fundacion Santiago, 2008.  248 p. ; illustrated ; b & w and color photographs.  Includes Endnotes and Bibliography.  Compact Disc attached.
Softcover  $34.25  
[3 CPS.]
From the Preface: " ... a summation of over fifteen years of sustained interaction with Filipino oralists and personal practice of a number of Philippine oral traditions ..."   A best seller.

PASKO NAMING HANGAD:  VOCAL ARRANGEMENTS.  Metro Manila:  Jesuit Music Ministry of the Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc., 2003.  Various pagings.
Softcover  $20.00   
[1 CP.]
A Christmas songbook with commentary.

Riggs, Arthur Stanley. THE FILIPINO DRAMA (1905). Manila: Intramuros Administration, 1981. 666 p.
THE FILIPINO DRAMA is the author's reportage of what he had witnessed, examined and researched on political plays during his two year stay in the Philippines.

Tolentino, Francisca Reyes. PHILIPPINE NATIONAL DANCES. Quezon City: Kayumanggi Press. reprinted 1993. 367 p. Index. Includes photographs, illus. and music.
Softcover  $20.00 
A collection of 54 dances and corresponding music.

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